Monday, September 26, 2011

Ewe's For Sale

This is Desert Peach  Pepper born 4/1/2008. She has a longer double coat. I believe it is too long for the Shetland breeders, over 7 inches. She is build well with nice feet and legs.

Limerick her color is "shaela" is not for sale but I have two pure black ewe lambs from this year to sell. Clancy is a half brother. They can be breed to him if you wanted to try for spots.
Desert Peach Hazel is for sale. Born 4/23/08
Kenick is Hazel's daughter. Not for sale but I wanted to let you see what Hazel can produce.
Desert Peach Hattie, born 3/2/07 on the right and her daughter Betty. Hattie is very special to me and will only be sold if she is promised a "forever" home! I will sell her all black daughter also. These ewe's are very friendly!
Hattie and Betty.

Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Ram Lambs

This is Rio.
Nice compact ram lamb. Father was black and his dam is katmoget. Nice broad horns cute Shetland type tail.
I like his fleece. It's single coated and has great lock definition and soft.He is my favorite!
Clancy not sure he will produce as sturdy a lamb as Rio should. He does have nice horns.
He is lanky and tall. I kept him to breed back to his dam and a few other ewe's to try and get more spots in some of my sheep. He has a soft fleece but I call it a "scattered" (kind of hairy looking) type fleece. I like my fleeces with nice crimp and good lock definition so I don't really like his fleece! His black brother from this year has been showing in California and did fairly well.
"Moe" Growing nice with a beautiful Moorit fleece. The only thing I would fault him for is the way his horns are growing. His sire and dam are both moorit. 
This last little guy I will keep just in case Moe's horns turn out bad. I may not be able to use him this fall since he is so tiny. I do love he's dam and sire so he should turn out fine.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Merino Roving 10/08

All braids in this post are Merino Super Fine at 19.5 microns. Great for spinning and felting. This is not superwash. If you would like more information or want to place an order please email me at
Shipping is your choice. I can fit 1 to 3 of these braids in a Priority Bag for $4.80. Or if you would like to ship parcel post or UPS I can give you a price with your zip code.
I except Paypal, checks or money orders.
Group Picture of all merino below

"Easter Sunday" soft spring colors 4 ounce braids two available. $12.50 per each 4 ounce braid.
Sold one one still available "Heart of Gold" a soft cantaloupe color with some yellow. One 4 oz braid $12.50 "Eileen" named after a friend who helped with this color of aqua with small dots of magenta.
Two 4 oz braids at $12.50 each. Buy one or two Sold One one available

"My Garden" nice earthy colors from the garden. Two available $12.50 each

"Light and Soft" the colors from "My Garden" doted on the roving to make a barely colored roving. 4 ounce braids $12.50 each two available "Rose" light rose with yellows. 4 oz braids $12.50 each two available "Sweet" sweet soft barely colored merino in the "Easter Sunday" colors.
Two 4 oz braids at $12.50 each" No Name" Some earthy colors left over from "My Garden" to give this bit of merino some color. 4 ounces $12.50

"Mixed Bag" combination of browns blues and purple just one 4 ounce braid left $12.50 "Ho Ho Ho" get ready for Christmas each "Ho" is 4 ounces of mystery fiber. Four ozs white, four ozs red and four green. I believe this roving is from Black Sheep, Lambs Pride. Should make good socks for your feet or some stockings for the hearth!
12 ounces of roving for $20.00

The posts below still have some nice dyed Blue Face Leicester, and shetland roving.

All proceeds go to my "Feed The Flock Fund" flickr pictures in the right margin.
Thank You for looking.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spin Sales Dyed Blue Face Leicester

Group picture of the Blue Face Leicester below. I have no shopping cart so please email if you have a question or would like to place an order.
All roving below is Blue Face Leicester dyed with Pro-chem acid dyes. Hand painted.
This color way is "One Chance Red" came from three reds in my quest for Christmas colors. 4ounces available $10.00 SOLD "My Garden" soft garden colors. Hand painted $10.00 per 4 oz braid two available. SOLD

"Mixed Bag" a mixture of purples, rust with blues and greens threw out. 4ounce braids $10.00 each two available. SOLD

My idea of "Medieval Colors" gold and purple. 4 ounce braids $10.00, two available. SOLD

"Love Bird" bright orange with green 4ounce braids $10.00 each two for sale.
(Not in group picture)

"Like Lime" dyed with blues and yellows to bring out a mostly lime yarn when spin.

one 4 ounce braid for $10.00 SOLD

"I'm I Blue" yes this is just that Blue! Two 4 ounce braids at $10.00 each.

"Fruit Bowl" loads of color but not as bright as "Love Bird" it has a more earthy tone.

Two 4 ounce braids at $10.00 each. SOLD

All roving comes from a nonsmoking house. We do have cats and dogs and all fiber is kept away from the pets!
Please email with orders or questions

Monday, July 28, 2008

Spin Sale Ad 7.29.08

All of my Shetland wool is from sheep that have not been covered. I have hand washed, picked and carded each batt. The batts are large 1.5 ounce to 2 ounces each from my Pat Green Super Carder. There will be some vm in each batt that comes out easily as you spin.

Vala Shetland Ewe Hogget Fleece: Moorit but not as red as my picture shows. I think it looks more medium chocolate. Fine intermediate type fleece. Has shiny fibers and fluffy under coat fibers. Makes a lofty yarn with shine! $1.75 per ounce 10 ounces available.

Newton's: soft dense fluffy hogget Shetland fleece. All single coat UK style fleece. $1.75 per ounce about 10 ounces available. SOLD K.G. Shetland Wether: plus white tussah silk. 80%-20% This is K.G.'s second fleece. Intermediate type with long lustrous fibers and some rays of soft white tussah silk to add to the already shining Shetland! $2.00 per ounce I have eight ounce made up now and can make more for a larger project. Fiber to dye for! SOLD
Tussah Silk: White and Honey 4oz balls $12.00 each
Thank You for looking!
There is more Shetland wool, Siri Alapca and Corriedale X roving in the post below.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer 2008

Shetland Roving
Ewe's Bella and Tess their hogget fleeces blended together. Very light brown with some darker fibers threw out. So soft and easy to spin. I used a similar fleece to make a felt purse. My ewe's, roving by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. $1.75 per ounce some bits of vm
Shetland Roving
Siskins hogget fleece. This fiber is variegated. The first half, as it grew was dark moorit then it turned a very light moorit. Yarn turns out to be a beautiful heathered brown. Soft and fluffy my shetland ewe, roving by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. $1.75 per ounce, some bits of vm

Annie Shetland Roving
Four year old ewe Annie medium grey and medium soft. Nice shiny smooth fiber. Felts great I made a purse with this fiber. My shetland ewe and the fleece was processed by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. $1.75 per ounce. some bits of vm Corriedale X Roving
Sold in 8 oz balls at $7.50 per ball or $14.00 per pound. Soft and shiny felts, dyes, and spins easily.

Siri Alpaca Roving
This Siri fiber came from a friend who raises Siri Alpacas and I had it processed into roving at Stonehedge Fiber Mill. I have only used a bit and it seems I will never get back to it so I am offering it forsale at a very low price. This fiber is soft, slick and shiny great for weaving! Approximately 2 lbs of the white and 1.5 pounds of the light beige $2.50 per ounce.